Qualitel Transmmission





Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephones (DECT)

Our advanced range of DECT telephones for use in flexible situations where desk clutter is minimised giving more freedom of movement.

Europhone C33 Dect Base station QT Eurofone C33 Duo
Eurofone B DECT
Feature rich Cordless system can connect
up to 5 x satellite phone stations
Eurofone Duo
Feature rich Cordless system must connect
to Compatible DECT enabled base stations

QT Eurofone C33 Trio

QT Eurofone Combo

AEG Chamfer 215 - 2

AEG Sinus 302

AEG Chamfer 210/215 Cordless
Multi-Phone System

Feature rich Cordless Multi-phone
system with base station and satellite
phone stations

QTe3300 Cordless Digital Dect phone  

A Digital Cordless Telephone with built-in Telephone Answering Machine.